Just came across this article that breaks down the energy efficiency of past and future codes along with different green building programs on the HERS scale. When you look at the scale and see where we are going you can see why I get a little frustrated that we are still struggling to implement t ... Continue reading

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I recently had the opportunity to attend a briefing by the New Mexico Construction Industries Division (CID) at the Las Cruces Homebuilders Association. They covered a new system for submitting plans, processes and clarified energy code requirements. Two items specifically caught my attention bec ... Continue reading

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Dan & Shelley Hughes of Green Mountain Construction, Inc in Cloudcroft about their new sustainable subdivision. The sustainable focus of the subdivision, named Skywater, is water efficiency. Some of the highlights the homes will feature are ... Continue reading

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I recently attended the RESNET conference for Building Performance in Austin, Texas; I was amazed at the number of attendees that were Homebuilders, Utility Company Representatives, and HVAC contractors. It was nice to be able to discuss energy efficiency issues with industry professionals ... Continue reading

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My first blog mentioned how my travels shaped what I think of as green. The first country on my journey was Turkey and for those of you that have been there you are probably thinking I'm crazy, but bare with me. Like many in Turkey we didn't own a car, so we walked, bicycled, car pooled, or u ... Continue reading

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Programmable thermostats are an easy way to reduce energy consumption! There is one catch. They need to be programmed for your lifestyle. Reducing the temperature setting in the winter and increasing it during the summer when you are not home or sleeping can reduce the amount of energy you use. O ... Continue reading

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Last week I visited several HVAC contractors in Alamogordo to see if they had the equipment, training and were willing to meet the requirements to install HVAC in ENERGY STAR® homes. The results were rather disturbing to me. Several contractors have the equipment and training to meet the requir ... Continue reading

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This past weak end I attended the Solar Fiesta in Albuquerque put on by the New Mexico Solar Energy Association (NMSEA).  NMSEA is a non profit dedicated to education that was founded in 1972. I would recommend getting involved with NMSEA for anyone that is interested in our energy future. ... Continue reading

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The other day I was asked a question if item A was more efficient than item B in New Mexico. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to that question.  If you built two identical houses one in Alamogordo and one 20 miles away in Cloudcroft the energy use patterns and total energy used would be ... Continue reading

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How to Identify a ENERGY STAR® Qualified Home

If you are in the market for a new home how do you tell if the house is ENERGY STAR® qualified. The way homes are marketed or advertised it can be somewhat misleading for the uninitiated. During my recent class it was discussed that some homebuyers believed that because a Homebuilder advertised ... Continue reading

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