Do you care about the environment? If not, how about your wallet?  An ENERGY STAR® or HERS Rated home can help you with both. When you buy a car you know how many MPG the car gets, so why don’t you know a comparable number for your home. The HERS Index gives you that number. You can use it to compare the energy efficiency of homes you are looking to purchase. If it doesn’t have a number, how do you know. You could be buying a house that is the equivalent to a gas guzzler or the least energy efficient house that is legal to build. If you can’t find a home available with a HERS Rating, you can call me at 575.551.1662 or contact me here. If you don’t demand performance and quality in you home nobody else will! Homes built to a higher standard will be more comfortable, use less energy, and have less problems that require expensive maintenance. It can save your wallet and the environment in the long run.

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