If you are in the market for a new home how do you tell if the house is ENERGY STAR® qualified. The way homes are marketed or advertised it can be somewhat misleading for the uninitiated. During my recent class it was discussed that some homebuyers believed that because a Homebuilder advertised ENERGY STAR® homes that all of the homes built by that builder were qualified. Sample Energy Star LabelUnfortunately that is not the case. A ENERGY STAR® Homebuilding partner is not required to qualify 100% of the homes he builds. He may choose to qualify only homes that the buyer request or certain floor plans. He is still allowed to advertise that he builds ENERGY STAR® qualified homes.
As a buyer you need to ask specifically if the home you are having built is going to be qualified. If the home is already complete you can look on the circuit breaker panel for the ENERGY STAR® label.  It should look like this picture and contain the following information home address, builders name, Raters name, and date verified.  Some builders may provide home buyers with a paper certificate or the Home Energy Rating report. Remember, if energy efficiency is important to you ensure that it is included in the contract before you build or buy.
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