Programmable thermostats are an easy way to reduce energy consumption! There is one catch. They need to be programmed for your lifestyle. Reducing the temperature setting in the winter and increasing it during the summer when you are not home or sleeping can reduce the amount of energy you use. Often that doesn’t happen. Either users don’t realize the money saving potential or are frustrated by the user interface. Resulting in the thermostat being left at one temperature. My concern for energy efficiency has me tinkering with my settings more often than I should. I have gone so far as programming friends and neighbors thermostats for them.
Recently a friend of mine told me about a new thermostat that may change all that. According to their website the Nest thermostat learns your preferences as you make adjustment to the thermostat during your daily routine. It is more expensive than your standard thermostat but if you are frustrated by your current thermostat it may be worth checking out.
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