My first blog mentioned how my travels shaped what I think of as green. The first country on my journey was Turkey and for those of you that have been there you are probably thinking I’m crazy, but bare with me. Like many in Turkey we didn’t own a car, so we walked, bicycled, car pooled, or used public transportation. All very green modes of travel. In over 4 years of living there I can’t remember a time that we had trouble finding a way to the places we wanted to go. We traveled often and to some very remote areas with no problems. We chose to be without a car so that”s not what had the biggest impact on me. It was the food.

Not because it was so good, which it was, but where it came from. Most of the food was grown or raised on local farms, or yards. The house we rented had a small front and back yard, but there was no grass. Just about everything growing in the front yard was edible. The trees were Lemon, Fig, and Pomegranate; and the rest of the area was a vegetables and herb garden. The back yard was edible too, chickens. Most  of the food that the locals ate came from their yard or within a hundred miles. That made an impression on us and we have attempted to grow a garden ever sense.

Compare that to our local grocery store. I recently surveyed the produce section of Lowes to see where it all came from. I found that most come from the U.S., but 35% come from 6 other countries; the furthest being China. Interesting tidbit was even though the area around Las Cruces grows onions, they do not make it to our shelves . Ours come from Colorado, California, Mexico, and Peru. Next time you go to the grocery store, pick up a clove of garlic and look to see where it comes from. That day in Lowes the garlic had traveled over 6,500 miles to get to our shelves. How green is that?

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