Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Dan & Shelley Hughes of Green Mountain Construction, Inc in Cloudcroft about their new sustainable subdivision. The sustainable focus of the subdivision, named Skywater, is water efficiency. Some of the highlights the homes will feature are efficient fixtures, gray water re-use, rainwater harvesting and absorption terraces minimizing site runoff. These water efficiency features will significantly reduce the stress on the cities water systems and increase groundwater recharge while limiting runoff during storms reducing stress on downslope water courses.My goal in meeting with them was to learn more about the subdivision and to encourage them to incorporate additional energy efficiency measures. It is still early in the process, they are currently working on the infrastructure, but time will tell if I was successful. Even if I don’t get their business I am excited for there success. Our community needs more of these visionaries to ensure the viability of our water resources, and ultimately our cities. Hopefully this subdivision will open the eyes of other developers on what should be required in all new subdivisions in the desert Southwest.
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