Recently I attended a class sponsored by El Paso Electric company on changes to the ENERGY STAR® program. I was one of four Home Energy Raters  and approximately fourteen builders.  Everyone except me was from the Las Cruces area.  I find it interesting how Green or Energy Efficiency has ta ... Continue reading

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If you are concerned with energy efficiency look no further than your TV set-up.  If you have a HDTV with DVR it may cost you more than to run your refrigerator! Check out this article in the NY Times for more details. Continue reading

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Do you care about the environment? If not, how about your wallet?  An ENERGY STAR® or HERS Rated home can help you with both. When you buy a car you know how many MPG the car gets, so why don't you know a comparable number for your home. The HERS Index gives you that number. You can use it to c ... Continue reading

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HERS Rating page update

I just updated the "What is a HERS Rating?" page to include a really helpful HERS rating scale graphic I got courtesy of RESNET.  Just another helpful visual tool for you to visualize how the HERS rating scale works! Continue reading

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Tomorrow I am off to ENERGY STAR® 3.0 training. I will have a quick update when I am done. In the mean time I updated a couple items on the Green Resources page and added info on the blower door and duct blaster test on the FAQ page. Continue reading

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Hello world, it's me Rod Sims! You may not recognize me; for the last 24 years I have been part of something bigger than myself doing the the bidding of the government as part of the US Air Force.  Now I'm free to pursue my own goals, and after months of soul searching, I've decided to save the ... Continue reading

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