The other day I was asked a question if item A was more efficient than item B in New Mexico. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to that question.  If you built two identical houses one in Alamogordo and one 20 miles away in Cloudcroft the energy use patterns and total energy used would be ... Continue reading

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How to Identify a ENERGY STAR® Qualified Home

If you are in the market for a new home how do you tell if the house is ENERGY STAR® qualified. The way homes are marketed or advertised it can be somewhat misleading for the uninitiated. During my recent class it was discussed that some homebuyers believed that because a Homebuilder advertised ... Continue reading

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If you are concerned with energy efficiency look no further than your TV set-up.  If you have a HDTV with DVR it may cost you more than to run your refrigerator! Check out this article in the NY Times for more details. Continue reading

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Do you care about the environment? If not, how about your wallet?  An ENERGY STAR® or HERS Rated home can help you with both. When you buy a car you know how many MPG the car gets, so why don't you know a comparable number for your home. The HERS Index gives you that number. You can use it to c ... Continue reading

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