If you are interested in building ENERGY STAR® certified or high performance homes, I will help you master the art of building the most efficient home possible.  I offer the following services to help you meet those goals.

  • ENERGY STAR® Certification
  • Home Energy Ratings
  • Plan Review
  • New Construction Consulting
  • Diagnostic Testing and Analysis
  • IECC Code requirements
    • Thermal Bypass Inspection
    • Blower Door Test (Air Leakage Test)
    • Duct Blaster Test (Duct Leakage Test)
    • Energy Modeling
Steps to ENERGY STAR® QualificationSample Energy Star Label
  • STEP 1: Contact Sims Green Energy Services LLC to set up meeting to learn more about the requirements and discuss and set goals..
  • STEP 2: Sign contract with Sims Green Energy Services LLC, register as an ENERGY STAR® Partner, and register with the PNM and NM gas ENERGY STAR® Homes Program.
  • STEP 3: Provide Sims Green Energy Services LLC with copy of home plans, and specifications.  I will evaluate, and model your plans and specifications to see if they are in compliance with the standards and HERS score will meet or exceed the standards. If plans meet or exceed the requirements then construction can proceed.  If not, we will discuss design changes to bring plans into compliance with standards or goals. Once plans are agreed upon and goals have been met then construction may proceed.
  • STEP 4: During the construction process I will make three site visits to verify compliance and perform required test.  The first visit is after the home is dried in and mechanical equipment is installed but before insulation is installed. Part of the Thermal Enclosure checklist will be performed and a Duct leakage test will be performed.  The second visit is after the insulation is installed but before the drywall in installed.  At this time the the Thermal Enclosure Checklist will be completed. The final visit is done when the house is completed but before the house is occupied. At this time the final inspection will be completed along with a Blower Door, and a Duct Leakage to outside test will be performed. The HVAC System Quality Installation Contractor Checklist, and Water Management System Builder Checklist will be collected if not collected previously.
  • STEP 5: The final computer analysis will be completed and if the home meets the criteria I will file for your ENERGY STAR® Certificate and Label.
  • STEP 6: Builder receives the ENERGY STAR® Certificate and Label to be placed on circuit breaker box.